Próximos lanzamientos de videojuegos del mes de agosto

Próximos lanzamientos de videojuegos del mes de agosto

Agosto esta a un tan solo horas de comenzar y con ello nuevas entregas que llegarán para hacer amena la estancia en casa. Por este motivo, este post existe para presentarte los nuevos juegos que saldrán a lo largo del mes en las diferentes consolas.

Esta es toda la lista completa de los juegos que se lanzarán para este mes. Si deseas ver los juegos destacados. Ve a esta nota.

Lanzamientos destacados de juegos en agosto
Agosto comienza, este post te informa de todos los juegos destacados del mes de agosto. Contenido no patrocinado.

1° de Agosto.

  • Armed Emeth Xbox Series X/S
    Cardboard Invasion PC
    ColorBlend FX: Desaturation Prologue PC
    Demons of Asteborg Switch
    Dice Girls:Lying dice PC
    Divided Kingdoms PC
    Man of the World PC
    Plumber 2 PC
    Rooster Rampage PC
    Virtual Amusement PC

2 de agosto.

  • 4Prot PC
    Altarays PC
    Ball Partner PC
    Be The ONE PC
    Bear Soul PC
    Brothers Apart PC
    Cats - Classic Onet Connect PC
    Creatures of Aether PC
    Devil, Its me PC
    Dragon's Vengeance PC
    In My Defense PC
    In Search Of... PC
    Light Infantry PC
    Little adventure 2 PC
    Orbital Defence Command PC
    PixKeeper PC
    Puzzle Soccer PC
    Seafarers PC
    SKALD: Against the Black Priory PC
    Splash Jump PC
    Super CosmoJet PC
    The Elysian Field PC
    Twin Balls PC
    UFO vs Bikini PC
    Venaitura PC

3 de agosto.

  • Always A New Journey PC
    Fm45's Sprite Man Adventures PC
    Hunter's Arena: Legends PC
    Piggy Disco PC
    SantasBadElf PC
    The Ramp PC
    VR Pianist PC

4 de agosto.

  • BullyBall PC
    Gander National Park PC
    Hexagon World PC
    Monkey Tantrum PC
    Saving Ghost PC
    Trump Loves Russia PC

5 de agosto.

  • Day Scanner: Iteration 1 PC
    Dodgeball Academia Switch
    Doomsday Vault Switch
    Dreamscaper Switch
    FlyChivements PC
    IdolDays PC
    My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge iPhone
    Order Road PC
    Pirates vs monkeys PC
    SEDOMAIRI / せどまいり PC
    The Falconeer: Warrior Edition Switch
    Tyfortress: Tactical Typing PC
    Vanilla Inspector PC
    VR Catgirl PC
    VR UAV Attack PC
    Yellow Ballman PC

6 de agosto.

  • 3D ADVANTIME Switch
    Anime Zodiac PC
    Armed Emeth Xbox One
    Balls! Balls! PC
    Bless Unleashed PC
    Bone Marrow Switch
    Castle Of Pixel Skulls Switch
    Cave Guessers PC
    Chetz! PC
    Chromancy PC
    Cube Island PC
    Cyber Defense PC
    Descent: Legends of the Dark PC
    Dungeon Overseer PC
    Evorales PC
    Gems of Magic: Father's Day Switch
    Goroons Xbox One
    IIN Xbox One
    Life Can Be Amazing PC
    Longphort PC
    Mr.Knight PC
    Peblito: Rock and Roll PC
    Penguin Panic PC
    Piffsy PC
    PropHunter PC
    Razenroth 2 PC
    Reunion PC
    Space Amoeba - StarShip Constructor PC
    The Adventures of Dinobot and Tiara! PC
    Waifus Smash PC
    Washed Up PC

8 de agosto.

  • Find Objects PC

9 de agosto.

  • Animals Memory: Monkeys PC
    Cute Cats PC
    Do 11 PC
    Island of Girls Dreams PC
    Larry The Unlucky Part 1 PC
    Marble Parkour 2: Roll and roll PC
    Redaxium PC
    SuperSecret PC
    Sven's SudokuPad PC
    VR Rescue of Girls PC

10 de agosto.

  • An Absolutely Not Suspicious Cabin in the Woods PC
    Black Book PC
    Brain Games PC
    Button City Switch
    ConnecTank PC
    Cooking Trip New Challenge PC
    Delares PC
    Game of the Year PC
    Jude PC
    Panama Canal PC
    Red Brick Hotel PC
    Sentinel: Cursed Knight PC
    Solys PC
    Super Seals Float PC
    Trashyard PC
    Untitled Darkness Xbox One

11 de agosto.

  • Alien maze PC
    Between them PC
    Cthulhu pub PC
    Tales of the Mirror PC

12 de agosto.

  • Battlemage: Magic by Mail PC
    Dungeon Arena PC
    Fire Tonight PC
    Gospel of Abaddon PC
    Love Esquire - Dating Sim/RPG/Visual Novel Switch
    Pon Para and the Unconquerable Scorpion PC
    The Undisputables : Online Multiplayer PC
    Time Knight Adventures PC

13 de agosto.

  • Entrapment PC
    Fort Triumph Switch
    Gladiator's Glory: Salvation PC
    If You Go Down In The Woods Today PC
    Jelly PC
    Jogward PC
    La Patrulla Canina: La película La llamada de Ciudad Aventura PC
    Larry The Unlucky Part 2 PC
    Lingering Legacy PC
    Odenavirus: Zombie Invasion PC
    Shadowverse: Champions Battle Switch
    The Sewers PC
    Welcome to Dreamville PC
    WitchSpring3 [Re:Fine] The Story of Eirudy Switch

15 de agosto.

  • The Adventures of John Killbot PC

16 de agosto.

  • Card Survival: Tropical Island PC
    Coral Quest PC
    Estress PC
    Fifefer Island Episode 1 PC
    Mage Tower PC
    Mercenary Operator: Wolves PC
    Pile Up Xbox One
    The Curse of Feldar Vale PC
    The Depths: Prehistoric Survival PC
    The Doors of Trithius PC
    The Thief Girl PC
    Tricks Magician PC

17 de agosto.

    Sub Chase Online PC
    wav ocs game PC

18 de agosto.

  • Drone Gladiator PC
    Protect the Earth PC
    Siege the Day PC
    Unreal Sandbox PC

19 de agosto.

  • I Saw The Night PC
    Madden NFL 22 Xbox One
    Mayhem Brawler Xbox One
    Metal Tales: Overkill PC
    Orakyubu PC
    RiMS Racing PC
    Shape VS Shapes PC
    Street Striker PC
    The Aloha Bakery PC
    VGL: Imperative PC

20 de agosto.

  • Amidst The Darkness PC
    Breaking earth PC
    Catch The Donut PC
    Cross Maid PC
    DarkCoating PC
    Final Hope PC
    Markus Ritter - The Lost Family PC
    Skelleton vs zombies PC
    Space Scavenger Switch
    Stones of Harlath PC
    Totally Working Game PC
    Universe 25 PC

21 de agosto.

  • Chenso Club PC

23 de agosto.

  • Bird's Eye PC
    Kill Them With Cuteness PC
    Wizard's Quest PC

24 de agosto.

  • Chicken Ranch PC
    Ki11er Clutter PC
    Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 PS5
    Summit PC
    The Daunting House PC

25 de agosto.

  • Crystal PC
    Have a Blast PC
    Hungry Dino PC
    Marvel: Future Revolution iPhone
    OneShot: Fading Memory PC
    Pain Party PC

26 de agosto.

  • Have a Blast Switch
    Hidden Shapes Black Skull - Jigsaw Puzzle Game PC
    Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator PC
    Rent's Due: The Game PC
    Wandering Trails: A Hiking Game PC

27 de agosto.

  • CTRL Phreak PC
    Dagon PC
    EverWorld PC
    Insect Worlds PC
    Miracle Warrior of Mountains and Seas PC
    Miss Intelligence PC
    Shoal PC
    Space Station Sprint Xbox One
    Strings of Divinity | The Spell Plague PC
    The Stone of God PC
    Witty witch PC

30 de agosto.

  • A Journey Through Valhalla PC
    Drawgaem PC
    Hunt N Cloak PC
    Pandorex PC
    Sci-Fantasy Defence PC
    Survivals unknown PC
  • 72 Maze PC
    Alien Dawn PC
    All Dream Long A Flower Storm PC
    Anchor Up PC
    Arcano: The Trickery PC
    Arena 54 - Visual Novel Action Adventure PC
    Baby Bear's Big Day Out PC
    Barnard's Star PC
    Bedroom Blackjack PC
    Beldamos Miner PC

31 de agosto.

    Eclipse PC
    Haunted House - The Murder PC
    Hyparxis PC
    Jump Hero: Beginning PC
    Pegasus: Broken Wings PC
    Percy Lancaster PC
    Song of Iron Xbox One
    Tamarindos Freaking Dinner PC
    Tank Side Story PC
    The Far Kingdoms: Magic Mosaics PC
    The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act III PC
    Ultra Imposer PC
    Underland Ambush PC
    Vulto PC

Sin Fecha confirmada, pero estrena en Agosto.

  • Chessality PC
    CHR$(143) PC
    Chromatic Fantasy PC
    Clean Slate PC
    Cold Hill PC
    Coldage PC
    Condition 24 PC
    Conquest of Elysium 5 PC
    Cosmic collapse PC
    Count of Hatchet PC
    Dark Crypt PC
    Darkevo PC
    Dash Hale PC
    Descend into Madness PC
    Detour Bus PC
    Draco Knight PC
    Dungeoneers PC
    Eluxia Enigma PC
    Endlight PC
    Endorfire Tower Defense PC
    Enherjar Synergy PC
    ExoMecha PC
    ExSpire PC
    Forest Grove PC
    Frame Outsiders PC
    Golf Club: Wasteland PC
    Guilty Guardians PC
    Half-Cat PC
    HamsterVeRse PC
    Hexteria PC
    Hunter Girls PC
    Isometric World: Frame of Mind PC
    Joyspring PC
    Kabaret PC
    KeyWe PC
    Lost in Red Valley PC
    LowPolyExplorer PC
    Magnery Reign PC
    Mandacaru PC
    Mark Out! The Wrestling Card Game PC
    Movie Studio 18 Platinum Steam Edition PC
    Movie Studio 18 Steam Edition PC
    My Eyes PC
    Night of the loving dead PC
    OCO PC
    Open Bar PC
    Peripeteia PC
    PHYSARUM: Slime Mold Simulator PC
    Pill Puzzle 2 PC
    Really Weird Pool PC
    Revived Souls PC
    Rings of Hell PC
    SafeZoneVR PC
    Saint Kotar PC
    Save Iron Globe PC
    Sengoku - A Time of Warriors and Demons PC
    Side Decide PC
    Silicon City PC
    Sin Survivor PC
    Soul Shifter PC
    Soulbound Steel PC
    Soup Pot Xbox Series X/S
    Space Mavericks PC
    Storm & Calm PC
    Surreatripus PC
    The Abnormal Place PC
    The Craft of the Samurai PC
    The Key of Rednow PC
    The Lewd Knight PC
    The other side: My own horror PC
    The Shape of Time PC
    The Trolley Company PC
    Timore Redo PC
    Toy Soldiers HD Xbox One
    Tres-Bashers PC
    Ubirajara PC
    Utopía del Pollo PC
    Velocity Noodle PC
    Void Eclipse PC
    Weapons Knight PC
    X-Force Genesis PC
    Yuko y la amenaza Akuma PC
    Zerone 2D PC
    Zombardment PC

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